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My interest in poetry started as a child when my mother recited poems to me. I read and write poetry and upload to YouTube.

The Diverse Verse 3 poetry anthology is now open for submissions

Poems and more from Richard Archer

My last successful poetry anthology, Diverse Verse 2.

Diverse Verse 3 the poetry book from Walsall with an international reach is ready to accept submissions.

Here’s how you can get involved and see your poem in print

All you need to do to be involved is to email me a poem to the email address below and it will be considered for the book based on the following rules. Please note entry is free.

  1. All poems must be the authors own work, please don’t submit something that isn’t yours.
  2. Poems are welcome from anyone, anywhere in the world.
  3. Please submit no more than one poem.
  4. A submitted poem must be in arial font in a format free word document. If you are unable to do such then just paste your poem into the body of your email.
  5. Poems on any subject and theme are welcome, however sexually explicit poetry and…

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Within Darkness and Light – a chat with Paul Morris

Poems and more from Richard Archer

Walsall poet and writer Paul Morris has released a charity poetry anthology entitled “Within Darkness and Light.” With the book generating a lot of interest I took the opportunity to chat with Paul via email to get some details on the book and more.

Q1 – congratulations on publishing Within Darkness and Light, tell me a little more about the book, why you decided to put together an anthology and why that particular theme?

Thank you Richard. Within Darkness & Light is a collection of poetry that focuses on the psychological, emotional darkness and light aspects of life. The poetry included is very real, honest and quite beautiful.

As someone who has spent an entire life living with mental health issues, the contradiction of dark and light emotions is very relevant in my life. I wanted to produce a collection of work that conveys this. The poets who have contributed…

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Within Darkness & Light – a collection of poetry is now on sale

pAul B mOrris

I’m delighted to announce that Within Darkness & Light is now available to buy.

The book is a collection of poetry reflecting upon the darkness and light of life that exists within this world of ours. It features 133 poems from poets world wide. It is an amazing book and you should buy it if you are reading this.

Ask yourself, what makes you want to shout out and share your emotions? How do you express your darkest times or your happiest moments? Let this book release your feelings through verse. Allow the words to set you free.

Proceeds from the sale of the book are being donated to

You can purchase a copy, in both paperback or Kindle formats, from the following outlets.

Amazon UK

Amazon USA

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Poets and their Poems

Black Country Londoner

Here in Walsall we have a thriving poetry society chaired by Richard Archer or as he is perhaps better known in local poetry circles, Skaggy the Poet. Last year the society  produced an anthology called Diverse Verse, a celebration of poetry from the West Midlands and beyond. Many of the contributors were well-known names on the Black Country poetry circuit including, Femi Abidogun, Marianne Burgess, Ian Ward, Tina Negus, Jerry Peterson, Bryan “LaGrif” Griffin and former Walsall laureate, Ian Hennery to name but a few, as well as the incomparable Mr A himself. All the work was given free and all the proceeds went to the Mayor of Walsall’s charities for that year.

This year I am delighted to report that Richard has once again been busy compiling another collection called Diverse Verse 2 (see below)


This edition features many of the same poets from the first plus some new ones, all of…

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Diverse Verse 2 sells out again at Southcart Books

Poems and more from Richard Archer

It seems I just can’t print copies of Diverse Verse 2 fast enough because as soon as I get them to Southcart Books they’re sold out and I have to order some more. I shouldn’t complain though as that’s more money plus what will be made this month in digital sales that can be donated to Cancer Research UK.

Part of this success story is due to Southcart itself, this is a shop that supports local authors, writers, musicians, photograhers and more. They have a local author table and shelves full of great works by talented folk from Walsall and beyond plus they hold a regular open mic. ( Last Saturday of the month but the next one’s on the 1st July.)

If you’re a local author, poet etc with a book or CD out then you can’t go wrong getting in touch with Scott and Amy who run…

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The United Kingdom General Election 2017 will take place on 8 June 2017. I know who I am going to vote for and my reasons for that choice. I also feel as if I know who everybody else is going to vote for and their reasons!




Everybody knows who’s best,

Lost causes are forgotten,

Election fever is a test and

Criticising seems the best—way

To sell yourself and party.

I really now have had enough

Of all the words and paper,

Now shrouding mist and fluffy clouds—a miasma of vapour!


Copyright © 2017 Jean Aked